Student feedback

Some recent comments from our course particpants:

‘The balance throughout the course was really good, Jayne our teacher kept it all flowing and within the time – not easy considering the volume of work to get through.’ (MBSR)

‘It was one of the most worthwhile things I have done for me in my life.’   (MBSR

‘The course was excellent and gave a good balance of practical mindfulness and the theory behind it. The course was taught in a clear and effective manner. Jayne was sensitive to people’s needs but was also able to keep focused.’ (MBSR

‘The course was excellent and gave a good balance of practical mindfulness and the theory behind it. The course was taught in a clear and effective manner. Jayne was sensitive to people’s needs but was also able to keep focused.’ (MBSR)

‘The group went from being strangers and probably a little uncomfortable, to a very open and honest group who had constant interaction and laughs amongst tears.’ (MBSR)

‘The course was to be another form of coping mechanism for me. Much of the course reinforced things I have already learnt in my recovery. This was good as it validated my learning and embedding of many things. Learning just to accept, step back and respond rather than react is a great asset to me.’ (MBSR)

‘I have a theory that whatever therapy/support you get (psychotherapy, counselling, yoga, etc.) each will have benefits BUT sometimes you find the person delivering the therapy/support to be exceptionally talented; naturally intuitive; a healer.  The tutor at Everyday Mindfulness Scotland is one of those people.  She is special; everyone in our group felt it and blossomed under her tender care and gentle instruction.’ (MBSR) 

The course has given me a different perspective on my day-to-day life. It has opened my eyes to thinking about things differently  – being more accepting of who I am and more forgiving of myself! Also to be kind to myself – I am only human!  I found the class really lovely. It was easy to speak out, to share my experiences and especially to hear other people’s experiences. It was a very special class and I will miss it! But we must move on! Thank you very much. (MBSR) 

I have lived with extreme anxiety and depression and struggled to contain the physical symptoms that both have produced. I cannot remember the last time I did not have chest pain, back pain or acid reflux. Since starting this programme all have gone  to the point I am considering future reduction of medication. It has been such a positive event for me and the control that it has given me in other aspects of my life often takes me by surprise.’ (MBSR) 

‘The course has helped me considerably because I now do a daily practice. Loved the body scan and really liked your voice. I have lost weight, I feel much happier, more focused, have more energy and drink less alcohol. Huge health benefits for me!’ (MBSR) 

‘I have worked for many years on my own personal development and tried numerous things to stay healthy and grounded. Mindfulness is helping more than anything and I am truly grateful for guidance throughout.’ (MBSR)

 ‘I feel much calmer about approaching difficult situations at work and in my personal life. I am less reactive with my partner and think that he has benefited from me stopping and thinking prior to reacting. I have felt a great benefit from the class, At first I didn’t notice it but as time went on I recognised it. I had the best Christmas ever and I think this has a lot to do with me being able to step back a little and reflect on what is important and not get upset by things that are not important. I’ve loved every session a great supportive group. The tutors are so gifted at making everyone feel valued and important in the group and ensuring that we care for each other. ‘ (MBSR) 

‘I have found the 3 step breathing space very helpful. I also found the meditations on self compassion and being kind to ourselves very useful and very enlightening. We spend so much time doing things for others, either at work or at home, and we forget that it is really important to look after ourselves.’ (MBSR)

 ‘I enjoyed the course immensely, the venue, the pace and structure of the whole experience was excellent. If I had to offer some constructive feedback I would have appreciated more time with the tutors in the smaller group setting, as I feel this would have given more opportunity to practice and to develop our own skills and confidence with each aspect of the teaching practice. Thank you for the opportunity and for choosing such a wonderful location, you made every effort to ensure everyone was comfortable, made welcome and included at all times.(Training for Trainers course)