Public Courses and Courses for Individuals


Mindfulness helps us to see clearly what is going on in our lives, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in, we can learn to respond to them in a calm and creative manner. We can step away from our habitual responses, that are so often unhelpful, and find new ways of responding to the inevitable ups and downs of life. Mindfulness training helps us become more aware of our thoughts and feelings, so that instead of being overwhelmed by them and so we’re better able to manage them. Our courses can help people to have an understanding of their emotions, boost their focus and concentration and even improve their relationships. All of our courses are based on a strong theoretical framework, but are very practical. You will be supported in your learning through skilled instruction, practice, guided reflection and audio links. We offer courses to the public in various locations across the west of Scotland. If there is a current course on offer it will have an Eventbrite link but please contact us for more information about the following:

  • The MBSR: Is our classic 8-week course and consists of the “mindfulness-based stress reduction programme (MBSR). It has been researched extensively and offers a solid and scientific evidence-based foundation on which to continue practicing mindfulness by yourself. The course consists of 8 weekly meetings of 2-hours each class and has audio links and home practice to further develop the skills learnt in each session. Cost for the 16 hour course is £165
  • The MBIC– Our Mindfulness Introduction Course, consists of 4 weekly sessions, with and audio link and home practice further develop the skills learnt in each session. Cost £90
  • The Next Steps in Mindfulness Course this is our follow on course from the 8-week course and consists of 6 weekly sessions.  It’s intended to help you maintain your mindfulness practice and to learn new skills in managing difficult thoughts and emotions, using approaches described in ‘The Happiness Trap‘ by Russ Harris. You will learn how to diffuse thoughts, tune more closely into our values and take committed action. You will be given a workbook an audio link and home practice to further develop the skills learnt in each session. Cost £140
  • One-to-One Courses Unable to get to a class? You can still take a course as a one-to-one, as we offer one-to-one tuition for the MBSR course and it can be offered over the phone on a distance learning basis or face-to-face. It consists of 8 weekly meetings of 1 hours duration and has audio links and home practice to further develop the skills learnt in each session. Contact us for more details . Cost £290 Eventbrite link


  • Retreats: Most of us find it hard to continue practicing on our own when we have completed a mindfulness course. We therefore offer regular opportunities for you to continue your practice.  Our retreats offer you an opportunity to experience some mindfulness and yoga practices and they have all the necessary elements to help you find that work/life balance so that you can recharge, become calmer and re-connected with yourself.  You dont have to have taken a course to come along . To hear about our next retreat,  contact us directly or you can be added to our mailing list or see our Facebook Page for regular updates.  Please click this link for our next retreat day at the House for an Art Lover  afternoon retreat
  • Supervision :We also offer supervision to other mindfulness teachers. Please get in touch for more details  and see our link to our SUPERVISION BROCHURE .What we offer is not simply mindfulness supervision; it is also mindful supervision. The practice of mindfulness that is the bedrock of our teaching is also the core of our supervision.
  • Regular Practice Group: This is a self-supporting group who meet on the second Wednesday of each month in Paisley from 19:00 to 21:00.  We listen to guided meditations, share our experience of practice and offer mutual support. We share the cost of the hire of a space at Room 24, The James Clark Building Paisley PA1 1TJ .  If you are interested in mindfulness or have taken a mindfulness course and would like support to keep your practice going, please get in touch with George to book your place.  Please note, although Everyday Mindfulness provides links to our group, it has no responsibility for it’s operation.  Please contact George Gillen directly by emailing him at
  • Our On Line Mindfulness Introduction Course:  You cant access this right now but it’s coming soon and details will be below :