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Mindfulness.  A definition of mindfulness comes from Jon Kabat-Zinn , it’s about “paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment”.  This can be hard to do because we have so much inner chatter going on in our mind.  Mindfulness is a form of mind training , a type of meditation and has gained popularity and been embraced by organisations such as Google, Nike and Apple as well as in education and in the health. It’s practised through consciously focusing our attention on particular objects, such as breath, body, sounds , movement or thoughts and by bringing  attention to the coming and going of thoughts to bring us into the present moment.  Regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in, we can learn to respond to life events and stress in a calmer and more creative manner. Our courses help people to have an understanding of their emotions and reactions to stress and techniques learned help them to manage their stress, boost their concentration, improve their sleep and overall quality of life. They are based on a strong theoretical framework, but are practical and individuals are supported in their learning through practice instruction, guided reflection and audio links.

Please note due to Corona virus restrictions we are unable to offer face-to-face courses but we are still able to work through video calls  and Zoom.

We offer  a variety of courses to the public , please contact us for more information about the following:

  • The MBSR: Our classic 8-week course consisting of the “mindfulness-based stress reduction programme (MBSR). It has been researched extensively and offers a solid and scientific evidence-based foundation on which to continue practicing mindfulness by yourself. It consists of 8 weekly meetings and has audio links and home practice to further develop the skills learnt in each session. Cost for the 16 hour course is £165
  • The MBIC– Our Mindfulness , Meditation Introduction Course, consists of 4 weekly sessions, with and audio link and home practice further develop the skills learnt in each session. Cost £90 . Get in touch for details of our next course.
    We all want good physical and emotional health and ancient systems of Yoga, and qigong do so by building strength and flexibility, while uniting mind and body to promote our wellbeing. Mindful movement changes our inner energy by transferring focus and attention to the body and the breath. It helps to temper our moods and anxiety, while releasing physical tension and so over time has a holistic effect on our mind and body. In our centre, we offer a range of wellbeing activities, yoga, gigong, relaxation and meditation and other therapies such as counselling to promote health. (See our news feed for more details)
  • One-to-One Courses Unable to get to a class? You can still take a course as a one-to-one, as we offer one-to-one tuition for the MBSR course and one-to-one meditation it can be offered over the phone on a distance learning basis or face-to-face. It consists of weekly meetings of 1 hours duration and has audio links and home practice to further develop the skills learnt in each session. Contact us for more details . Cost £290 Eventbrite link
    Retreats and Workshops: 
    We offer regular opportunities to continue your practice and a range of ways to destress. Experience some mindfulness, yoga and tai-chi practices which have all the necessary elements to help you find that work/life balance, so that you can recharge become calmer and re-connected with yourself.  You dont have to have taken a course to come along . Please see our Facebook Page  for updates or  contact us directly, or you can be added to our mailing list or see our for regular updates.
  • Meditation Practice Group:  We run a meditation drop-in at Sovereign House in Irvine on Tuesday’s during the day and a meditation relaxation group in the evenings 7-8 pm with Carlo Farnocchi. Please get in touch with us if you would like to attend.

There is also a self supporting meditation group on the second Wednesday of each month in Paisley from 19:00 to 21:00 in room 24, The James Clark Building PaisleyPA1 1TJ .  Please get in touch with George to book your place.   gllchamp@aol.com