Our de-stress products

We all know that stress has a negative effect on our minds and body but keeping ourselves centred and remembering how to be resilient to stress can be hard to do. Sometimes it can be the little things that make the difference and help us to manage. With that in mind we have pulled together a selection of products, little things, to help you to do this. Visit out contact /shop page to see all our different products.

We have “motivational thought cards”, 28 postcards which take you through a mindful journey for the month. They can be used like a little book, to give you some key points about mindfulness and how to de-stress.

We have our “calm in a balm” and face sprits to help you maintain ways to get some breathing space. The aromatic combinations in our products have relaxing, quietening and uplifting properties. The oils aid in alleviating insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, tension and have a replenishing effect on the skin. The aroma helps with restlessness and stress, by calming the mind and has a positive impact on our autonomic nervous system.

Or try our Lava Stone diffuser bracelets, porous beads that can absorb the essential oil of your choice, diffusing throughout the day giving you the continuous positive benefit of the oil.

Our “Calm in a box” is designed to give you time to slow down and soothe your mind in this busy world. It includes our calm book, which provides some mini mindfulness practises, our calm balm, our revitalising spritz, a lavender oil, a thought card and a t-light, All made with natural products and come in an eco-friendly box with information about the products and how to use them.