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Keeping ourselves centred and remembering how to be resilient to stress can be hard and it can be the little things that make the difference and help us manage, therefore we have pulled together some “little things” to help you de-stress and calm.

Motivational Thought Cards

Our “motivational thought cards”, are 28 postcards which take you through a mindful journey for the month. They can be used like a little book, to give you some key points about mindfulness and how to de-stress. Use them for an inspirational thought for the day,  or to help you to adopt a mindful lifestyle and form new habits.  They come in hessian bag and handy to take anywhere. (For the introductory period postage included).

Cost £11.99

Calm in a Box

Our “Calm in a box” is designed to give you  time to slow down and soothe your mind in this busy world. It includes our calm book, which provides some mini mindfulness practises, our calm balm, our revitalising spritz, a lavender oil, a thought card and a t-light, All made with natural products and come in an eco friendly box with information about the products and how to use them. Indulge yourself or buy it as a gift for a friend. We also sell any combination of the products separately. Get in touch and let us know what you’re looking for.  (For the introductory period postage included).

Cost £25.50

Little Pocket Calm BooK

Many people have asked us for a “little pocket book” which consolidates the key information about stress, mindfulness and ways to practice.  With that in mind we offer our handy, portable “Be Mindful , Be here, Be Calm” book.  A 32-page postcard size booklet, which is easy to read and use whenever you need to remind yourself how to de-stress. It comes with a breathing space card and anyone can use it, and you don’t need know anything about mindfulness or have taken a course to gain benefit from it. (For the introductory period postage included).

Pocket Book. Cost £5.50

Breathing Space Bags and Balms

To help you maintain ways to get some breathing space, we sell our “calm in a balm” and face/pillow sprits together in a lovley bag for £9.99 or  balms separately for £6.00, each. We all know stress has a negative effect on our minds and body, including the skin and the aromatic combinations in our products have relaxing, quietening and uplifting properties. The oils aid in alleviating insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, tension and have a replenishing effect on the skin. The aroma helps with restlessness and stress, by calming the mind and has a positive impact on our autonomic nervous system. They come in a hessian bag with a breathing space card and information for use.

Original Calm Bag. Cost £9.99

Calm in a balm P (with peppermint)

Is our  balm with peppermint oil. It has been designed to be used for your feet, legs or neck and not for your face. It makes feet feel soothed and refreshed. Great after exercising or being on your feet all day or last thing at night as way of softening the feet, cooling them down and relaxing into bed. Comes in a hessian bag with face/pillow spritz, a breathing space card and information for use.

Calm Balms Cost £6.00

Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelets

We also have a selection of Lava Stone diffuser bracelets porous beads that can absorb the essential oil of your choice, diffusing throughout the day giving you  the continuous positive benefit of  the oil.

Cost £8.50

Gift vouchers for any of our courses and retreats can also be purchased HERE

“Improving wellbeing one breath at a time”, we have some practices freely available on you tube here is a link to   mindfulness of emotions and our  three minute breathing space