When our minds are distracted our most precious moments can pass unnoticed and we can end up being on autopilot, too much of the time. Keeping ourselves centred and remembering how to be resilient to stress can be hard, particularly when we are caught up in our fast-paced world. It can be the little things that make the difference and help us to manage. Practising mindfulness can help us become more aware of being in multi-tasking mode and how to learn to slow down to fully appreciate life’s little pleasures. It’s not the only way,  but it can be difficult to remember how to take care of ourselves when we are caught up in our thoughts, therefore we have pulled together some “little things” to bring you into the present moment and help you to do this:

Motivational Thought Cards

Our “motivational thought cards”, are 28 postcards which take you through a mindful journey for the month. They can be used like a little book as they give you some short key points about mindfulness and how to de-stress. You could use them for an inspirational thought for the day,  to help you to adopt a mindful lifestyle, form new habits or guide and centre you each day. It’s like sending a daily post card to yourself, a wee reminder of how to slow down our minds and manage our thoughts.  You could have them by your bedside and use them as you wake or take them with you as you go about your day, or have them at your computer as a prompt to help with our fast paced modern-day life. If you’ve taken a mindfulness course, they allow you to sustain your practice when it’s finished, although, you don’t need to have taken a course to use them. They enable you to pause and take a few minutes each day to ground yourself in the present moment. Research claims that this is very beneficial to both our physical and mental wellbeing, thus being able to get some breathing space each day, even for a short time changes our wellbeing. They come in hessian bag and handy to take anywhere.

(Normally £14.99). Introductory Cost £10.99. including postage.

Calm in a Box

We have our new “Calm in a box” which is designed to give you 10 minutes to yourself and helps you to slow down and soothe your mind in this busy world. It includes our own mindfulness book, our little book of calm, which on its own is a great way to remind you of key points , how to take time out and provides some mini mindfulness practises.  We have also included our tailor made calm in a balm, a beautiful uplifting aromatic balm, that you can use on lips, hands or pulse points anytime, and our revitalising face or room spritz, a full size lavender oil, an inspirational postcard and a vanilla and orchid t-light, All made with natural products and come in an eco friendly box with information about the oils and how to use the balm. For our introductory period only, a 20% off, next purchase from Fairyland Aromatics. Take our calm in balm or the spritz with you for an uplifting breathing space whenever you need it. The balm contains bees wax, shea butter, coconut oil, neroli, may chang and lavender and the sprits purified water and lavender and neroli. Indulge yourself or buy it as a gift for a friend.

(Normally £23.50) Introductory Cost £17.50 includes postage.

Cotton T-Shirts

Buy our soft cotton t-shirts with our “just breath” design, great for exercise, yoga , walking or just pottering about. Wearing them encourages us to chill out and  slow down or reminds us to make time for ourselves and take time out of our busy schedules to just potter. To keep the balance of our emotional health we all need a slow down day with no appointments or duties. Even just a few hours pottering restores, replenishes and rebalances us.  They come in black or white small,(8- 10) medium (12-14) and large (16-18). Cost £ 12.00 including postage.

Little Pocket Book

Although we have our course handbook for those who take courses with us many people have asked us for a “little pocket book” which consolidates the key information about stress, mindfulness and ways to practice.  With that in mind we offer our handy, portable “Be Mindful , Be here, Be Calm” book.  A 32-page postcard size booklet, which is easy to read and use whenever you need to remind yourself how to de-stress. It comes with a breathing space card. Anyone can use it and you don’t need know anything about mindfulness or have taken a course to gain benefit from it.

Pocket Book. Cost £5. 50

Breathing Space Bags

We sell our original “calm in a balm” and face sprits separately to help you maintain ways to get some breathing space. We all know stress has a negative effect on our minds and body, including the skin. Thus, the aromatic combination of lavender, neroli and may chang have relaxing, quietening and uplifting properties. The oils aid in alleviating insomnia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, tension and have a restoring, replenishing effect on the skin. The aroma helps with nervous exhaustion, restlessness and stress, by calming the mind and having a positive impact on our autonomic nervous system. Overall, its designed to encourage you to slow down and take a little time out to recharge. Take it with you as you go about your day-to-day activities and use it on your lips, hands or neck whenever you need a bit of time out. Apply it at the end of the day by rubbing a large amount into the palms then bring your hands to your face, close your eyes and breathing in the aroma, apply to your face and neck and be in the moment. Comes in a hessian bag with a breathing space card and information for use .

Original Calm.Cost £ 9.99 includes postage.

“Calm in a balm P” (with peppermint).  This aromatic , soothing balm contains peppermint oil and has been designed to be used for your feet, legs or neck and not for your face, although it can use on the side of the face, but keep away from your eyes. It makes feet feel soothed and refreshed and great after exercising or being on your feet all day with all our duties and responsibilities or last thing at night as way of softening the feet, cooling them down and relaxing into bed. These aromatic balms and sprits are unisex and come in a hessian bag with a breathing space card and information for use.

Calm P. Cost £ 9.90 includes postage.


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“Improving wellbeing one breath at a time”, we have some practices freely available on you tube here is a link to   mindfulness of emotions and our  three minute breathing space