About Us

 Jayne Howie, Director of Everyday Mindfulness Scotland,  Mindfulness Trainer, Counsellor and Yoga Teacher:

Jayne became the Director of Everyday Mindfulness Scotland in April 2017. (E.M.S)  She comes from a background of promoting social change in people and a wealth of experience from working in the statutory & voluntary sector and further education. She worked for ten years across a range of care settings, including mental health, child protection and addiction, before moving into training and higher education. She lectured at the University of the West of Scotland for 14 years and continued her interest in emotional wellbeing, by incorporating mindfulness interventions with students, researching and writing articles on the subject. She learned about meditation initially through yoga and after practising both for 10 years went on to complete a Yoga Teaching Diploma. She became aware of mindfulness through her counselling training, experiencing first-hand the ability it has to influence the stressors in people’s lives. It’s a way of opening your inner resources and empowering yourself. Jayne has a holistic ethos, believing and working with the links between mind and body. She incorporates this philosophy into her daily life style and her teaching comes out of self-practice. Over the last few years she has combined her love of counselling, mindfulness and yoga in her work with EMS and developing her own Private Practice .  She values the experience and benefits of regular practice and adheres to the UK good practice guidelines having regular supervision and attending retreats and is listed with the UK Mindfulness Network

Aryln Bolton, Associate Mindfulness Teacher and Counsellor :

Arlyn has been employed in the social care field and voluntary sector for over 10 years, working to support people with their homelessness, mental health and addiction. She is an experienced practitioner who has delivered group work programmes in these areas and has amalgamated her experience to work in private practice as a counsellor and mindfulness trainer, contact Arlyn . She is passionate about the way mindfulness can contribute to personal change and growth through the development of our inner resources. Mindfulness was introduced to Arlyn while undertaking a diploma in therapeutic counselling in 2011 and she went on to complete the MBSR with Everyday Mindfulness Scotland and her Adult teacher training and the Youth Mindfulness programme in 2016. She teaches mindfulness to adults and to children and is strongly committed to helping individuals develop their own relationship to mindfulness so that it is personally and professionally relevant to them.

Details of other Associates: Mindfulness Teachers:

Louise Lapsley -I was introduced to mindfulness 4 years ago, and seeing the benefits mindfulness made to all aspects of my life I have been practising ever since. I have an honours degree in health and social care and have worked in social work for over 13 years. I have trained with both Everyday Mindfulness Scotland and Youth Mindfulness and I am a fully qualified adult mindfulness, youth mindfulness and Soma (teens) teacher.  I’m a mum, of 2 lovely energetic boys. I have realised through mindfulness the importance of being present, enjoying the moment and self-care. I aspire to share with communities the benefits mindfulness can bring to overall wellbeing.

Carlo Farnocchi After a career working for large multinational organisations, I know the stresses and demands that come with our busy, modern lives. Several years ago, I was introduced to mindfulness and its ability to help us better respond to the challenges and demands that life presents us with. Mindfulness helps us to grow, develop and flourish; skilfully choosing behaviours and strategies that emerge from having a different relationship with our thoughts and emotions. It’s been invaluable in my life and I now teach and share mindfulness with others.”

 Yoga Teachers

Clare Findlay– After having my third child, 5 years ago, I attended a yoga classes. I was injured, stressed and needed something ‘just for me’.  Like many, I’d tried various exercise classes, but yoga is more than just an exercise class. It changes the physical body as well as the mind. I began practicing most days and found myself sleeping better and everything seemed better after getting on the mat. Yoga really is for everyone, it’s not just for bendy people and everyone can benefit from the practice of getting to know your body and exploring the breath. I offer various yoga practices from restorative yin to dynamic fluid movement. Through these practices we can cultivate stillness in the mind, which for me, proved to be most beneficial to every aspect of my life. Now that I’ve completed my training as a teacher I’m aiming to bring these aspects of yoga to more people in a safe, non-judgemental environment like wellness centre.

Donna Johnson –  I was first introduced to Qi Gong several years ago and have been blown away by the amazing effects it has had on my health. Qi Gong relaxes the body and mind and opens energy channels within the body. It therefore restores natural harmony and is seen as peaceful, energising and grounding.  When practising Qi Gong there are internal and external movements.  It is the internal movements of Qi (chi or lifeforce), which makes Qi Gong a powerful wellness practice. I  also offer Dru Yoga which is a much gentler inclusive form of Yoga, whereby you are encouraged to work within your capabilities. In Dru we work with EBRs (Energy Block Release Sequences), these gentle sequences seek out stressed areas in our bodies and release them for a more relaxed, healthier you!   No one should leave a Dru Yoga class feeling they couldn’t participate, but what they will feel is de-stressed and fabulous!  Both are gentle, mindful practices which focus on the breath and visualisation.

 John Strachan – John teaches yoga essentially as a mindful practice with primacy given to the breath. He has undertaken an 8-week mindfulness course with EMS and various other courses that incorporate a mindful approach to his work. His teaching style encourages conscious movement through postures to develop inner self-awareness. Having worked for 15 years in exercise rehabilitation, in community and social care settings, he is experienced in working with and adapting movement for people with long term health problems. He teaches various practices from hatha, vinyasa, meditation and nidra. He has recently completed training in yoga therapy and mindfulness for addictions and a yoga nidra course. Yoga nidra is a conscious relaxation practice, a form of meditation, that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. It’s said that an hour of yoga nidra can be as restorative as four hours of regular sleep, all designed to relax and enhance you’re wellbeing.

Our Advisory Group:

Everyday Mindfulness Scotland, is supported by an advisory group who meet regularly and the group helps realise the vision of the organisation and advises on it’s operation, and is a sounding board for planning supporting the director in her role. Most of the members are individuals who understand and practice mindfulness and some former students of Everyday Mindfulness Scotland. They all reflect interests and needs of the community the social enterprise serves.  In legal terms, Everyday Mindfulness Scotland operates as a sole trader; and the Advisory Group have no financial or legal obligations to the organisation. For further details about our advisory board click on the link,  Advisory Board webpage