What Is Mindfulness?


Mindfulness gives us effective ways to promote our wellbeing, as we learn strategies which boost our emotional health. “It’s like going to the gym for our minds“, we have to practice to get results and this gives us the power to change and maintain our wellbeing. It’s an approach which boosts our immune system, improves our sleep, enhances our creativity, enabling us to understand ourselves better and change from the inside out.


Stress Relief

Mindfulness helps us to manage the day-to-day stress of today’s world and associated feelings of being overwhelmed, which can come through work related stress or pressures from caring or studying. Research has demonstrated the positive impact mindfulness has on counteracting our external stresses as we learn coping strategies which help us to respond wisely instead of reacting, and this helps us to gain a better life balance.


We believe everyone has an innate quality for mindfulness and the capacity to live well regardless of their circumstances. Mindfulness builds up our internal resilience and improves our external capacity to respond effectively in challenging and uncertain situations. Our courses support individuals to incorporate it meaningfully in their everyday lives, amidst work, study, illness and family commitments.

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A Little Bit About Us

Everyday Mindfulness Scotland, (EMS)  is an association of self-employed mindfulness teachers and other wellbeing practitioners, whose aim is to promote emotional and physical wellbeing with those we encounter. We have a wellbeing centre in Irvine, a little sanctuary at Sovereign House. Our vision is to enhance the wellbeing of the surrounding community by offering a range of services from movement such as yoga or qigong, to mindfulness, meditation, relaxation drop-ins and counselling. We want to increase the number of people experiencing the benefits of such practices and offer opportunities to regularly to do so and aim to improve the emotional health of our nation by helping people to manage the stresses of everyday life, through our services. We run classes and courses to the public, organisations, and schools in a way they can incorporate the benefits of these practices into daily life. Our aim is to make you feel good and maintain your physical, mental and spiritual health, by the means that suits you best. Many of these disciplines have been practiced for thousands of years and have stood the test of time helping millions of people around the world. We hope after taking time out at our centre you will gain more balance and feel able to cope with whatever life throws at you . See details below in news feeds and follow us on instagram  and on our Facebook Page.   More…

What We’re good At…

Reducing Stress
Improving Wellbeing
Calming the Mind
Helping you to enjoy life more fully


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West College Scotland
Renfrewshire Council
North Ayrshire Council
East Ayrshire Council - Vibrant Communities

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