Mindfulness for Schools


We help young minds thrive too!

Mindfulness Taster Session

We offer a short mindfulness taster specifically for you and your staff.  We wil introduce mindfulness through some short practices and outline the impact it can have on pupils.  We will also cover some of the practical implications should you wish to take mindfulness further in your school. 

Children and Young Persons Programmes

Our associate trainer, Arlyn Bolton, delivers the Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme,  a 16-lesson introduction to mindfulness for 7 to 11 year olds, with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.  Each lesson is one hour long, and builds sequentially, introducing and exploring new facets of mindfulness with each lesson. The first six lessons focus on cultivating the foundational axioms of mindfulness: intention, attention and attitude. As the course progresses, children then learn to cultivate gratitude, how to handle difficult thoughts and emotions, and finally develop kindness towards themselves and others. Importantly, the key foundations of mindfulness,  i.e. paying attention to the present moment with openness, curiosity and warmth - are continually strengthened throughout the lessons. See how children respond.

Secondary schools programme , we have a programme for young people too which helps them to manage the range of emotions experienced at this stage of education and which reduces exam stress and worry so that they can learn and perform better. Get in touch with us for more details.

Mindfulness for Everyday Living (MBSR) This is our 8-week programme where staff or parents learn about mindfulness in more depth and experience a variety of practices. Participants are supported in their learning through skilled instruction, mindfulness practice and guided reflection. It’s also the recommended staring route for anyone who wants to go on to teach mindfulness to children in schools.

 Mindfulness Based Approach to Caring (MBAC) -This is our 4-week course based on the MBSR, but shorter and more accessible for staff or parents. It’s designed to give individuals a flavour of mindfulness and mindfulness skills. Like the 8 week course it has a strong theoretical framework, it’s practical and can be adapted to the needs of the school/participants. We have an emphasis on developing skills which promote wellbeing and help individuals face the challenges of managing busy lives, pressure at work/school, family life, media, caring, relationships and illness.


All our courses aim to promote emotional balance, stability and wellbeing but specifically our mindfulness in schools courses aim to help children and staff:

  • Promote resilience and experience greater well-being through being happier, calmer and relaxed.
  • To realise their potential and be creative
  • To improve concentration and focus, both academically and personally
  • To manage everyday stresses of life, such as tests, relationships, sleep problems and family issues
  • To work on emotional difficulties, low moods or ruminative and anxious thoughts.